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Today Many Years Ago


459 years ago

Richard WARREN
death: 28 May 1557

446 years ago

Ellen Prescott
death: 28 May 1570

Richard Snow + Alice Musthill
marriage: 28 May 1570

429 years ago

William Flegg (Flagg)
death: 28 May 1587

377 years ago

birth: 28 May 1639

373 years ago

Nathaniel Patten
birth: 28 May 1643

372 years ago

Edward Cowperthwaite
burial: 28 May 1644


Family Stories

  • The Frank Ross Epperson Story (4786)

    Connie Epperson Rigby -0001-11-30 00:00:00

    My daddy, {joaktree person|4|I280|extended} was born August 14, 1906 in Heber City Utah. Daddy was an adorable child with a mischievous spirit. His father {joaktree person|4|I1365|extended} said, “I sure love this valley, it is heaven on earth.” A...

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  • David Wood and Catherine Crites (1995)

    Administrator 2013-02-08 01:04:21

    November 28, 1999  David Wood and Catherine Crites Catherine & David did baptisms for deceased kin in the Mississippi River previous to the completion of the Fort in the Nauvoo Temple.  She has been described as a quiet, complacent, compliant,...

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    Administrator 2013-02-08 01:04:21

    CATHERINE LENSE BECKSTEAD  BIRTHDATE: 6 Jul 1807 Williamsburg, Dundas, Canada DEATH: 12 Nov 1889 West Jordan, Salt Lake Co., Utah PARENTS: Bartholomew Lence Nancy Castleman PIONEER: Sep 1849 Wagon Train Company SPOUSE: Alexander Beckstead MARRIED: 25...

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    Administrator 2013-02-08 01:04:21

    ELIZABETH AGNES WOOD SMITH  BIRTHDATE: II Jul 1836 Osnabruck, Ontario, Canada DEATH: 4 Feb 1911   Midway, Wasatch Co., Utah PARENTS: David Wood Catherine Crites/Kreits PIONEER: 17 Sep 1852 David Wood Wagon Train SPOUSE: Benjamin Mark Smith MARRIED:...

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12 November 2012



William Jeffery Winward

May 7, 1961  ~  April 6, 2013

William Jeffery Winward was born Sunday 7 May 1961 to Harvey Frank and Connie Jill Epperson Winward in Salt Lake City, Utah. Jeff attended school in Pleasant Grove through 9th grade. He graduated from Cottonwood High School in Salt Lake in 1979. Jeff started working at Zions Bank while he was still in high school. He attended classes offered by Zions bank to learn computer skills and worked his way up to a systems analyst. He worked at Zions for over twenty years. Jeff was always doing anything he could to help his brothers and sisters, in any way he could, especially financial. Jeff was a loving and caring Uncle to his many nieces and nephews. Jeff was living with our mom for the past five years and taking care of her finances and helping with cleaning and other chores that needed to been done. We were so blessed to have his help!